Bible Study

Open to everyone, No experience necessary,( Bibles are supplied when on site). Each session is entirely independent. Contact:

Please Note: meetings in st Joseph’s hall, 10:30am to 12noon
Each Wednesday, to pursue a deeper relationship with God through deepening their knowledge of God’s Word. Lively discussions and sharing of faith-experience in a prayerful atmosphere help all to delve deeper in the mystery of God’s love for us.

This year we’ll be studying the captivity letters of St Paul. You can find out more, including all our dates here

Please  consult Bible Study Blog on:
The Bible study blog has a number of subscribers and is regularly updated: join in our daily prayer, daily thought and comments.
Updates five times a week (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat).
We also have a page where we list people to pray for.

Please also Note: There is a new group on Christianity and film
. Each month we will discuss a different film (not necessarily directly about Christianity but raising important issues that pertain to it).
All you have to do is see the film and advance and join then join us as we discuss what it tells us about our faith.
One Sunday a month on zoom from 8:30 p.m. to 10pm
Open to everyone. No experience necessary (but a love of movies helps). Everyone is also welcome to propose films and to lead discussions.

For more information, see our website
or contact Lori Maguire at for zoom links