[Autumn SCHEDULE:  Sunday Mass back to 9:30am;11am, 12:30pm & 6:30pm until 30 June 2024 included.

  • Bulletin 24 September 2023

    Saint Joseph’s Passionist Church
    Tel: (01) 42 27 28 56 [Int’l + 33 1]
    Email stjosephparis@orange.fr
    Website: saintjosephs.fr
    Facebook: StJosephsChurchParis
    Sunday Mass: 9.30 am, 11 & 12.30, 6.30 pm (Saturday Vigil at 6:30pm)Mon-Friday Mass at 8:30am; Saturday morning Mass at 11am.
    NEW every Saturday before Mass: Eucharistic Adoration: 10:30am.Confession Saturday: 11.30 – 12.30 & 5 – 6 p.m. or by appointment.

    RCIA: starts 5th October & prepares Adults for Baptism, as well as Confirmation, Eucharist all celebrated at Easter Vigil.Please Contact stjosephparis@rderozieres

    Bible Study: starts 4 Oct with a potluck lunch afterwards. We’ll be studying the captivity letters of St Paul. More information, including calendar   https://biblestudystjosephsparis.wordpress.com/

    Help NEEDED: around 2 hours Saturday 30 at 9:30am; to clean garden and basement. Thanks in advance

    Marriage preparation will start Sunday October 8th on zoom with Guadalupe and David: 4:00pm to 5:30pm (six sessions, all in English). Please Email stjosephparis@orange.fr  or pinreachi@hotmail.com

    Collections 17 Sept: €2989.56; ADP: €888; Shrines 102.90; Bookstall €80; coffee €81.54; Swahili Mass 33.17
    Pastoral council: changed to Wednesday 27 Sept at 7:30pm
    Day Pilgrimage to Lisieux: Friday 1 Nov Jubilee of Saint Thérèse, €60; please contact Venci stjoparis@outlook.fr
    FEED the HOMELESS on Sat  7 Oct at 11:00am. Contact YAM.
    Baptism Preparation 7 oct at 11am
    Baptisms twice a month at 12:30pm.
    Registrations via our website only
    PARISH INFORMATION DAY on 8 October 10am to 2pm: Please welcome new parishioners, meet the Parish Ministries presented. In garden if nice weather.

    Catechism – CCD  9:30am or 11:00am
    First Communion (FHC) and Confirmation parents: if not already done: please scan your child’s Baptism Certificate to stjosephparis@orange.fr
    For more information please contact

    Bible Reading to Children (4+yr) during the 9:30am Mass, except school holidays. This is informal – No registration necessary. Starts this SUNDAY 24 Sept
    Teen Faith Ministry for Youngsters after Confirmation. Saturdays 2pm to 5pm: Meetings are on monthly basis, plus other events.


    Walking together with Jesus

    Synodality is not a pretty word but it refers to something very positive and exciting for the Church and the world. God is calling the Church to a new way of being together that will harness all the gifts, talents and energy of God’s people for a new missionary era. 

    Every baptised person has been blessed with different gifts and talents that are for the good of the Church and its mission.  The Spirit has been poured into our hearts and is moving each one of us to be fully alive and active in the Church. 

    Everyone has a part to play, a word to say, a contribution to make and Synodality means gathering all these contributions into the one great missionary thrust of the Church for the good of mankind and the whole world.  That includes all of us here in St. Joseph’s.

    The Pope, the bishops and priests, every man and woman, young and old have been chosen by God and given the necessary human and spiritual gifts to enrich the life of Church.  By walking together with Jesus, and by praying, listening, and discerning together, God wants to renew the Church and fill it with greater vitality, inspiration and creativity to respond to the needs of the world and especially of the poorest and most afflicted of God’s beloved children.

    The Catholics of St. Joseph’s Paris join with Catholics all over the world in praying for the special Synod of Bishops in Rome next month.  We pray for God’s blessing and guidance on Pope Francis, the bishops and lay people at the Synod and ask that we too will be available to God as indispensable members of the Church ready to make our contribution to the great missionary adventure.