Gospel Group

The Gospel Group is a pre-catechism class for children of 5 years old.
In reception area on Sunday mornings

We approach our privileged work with the children by covering the following topics that coincide more or less with the church’s calendar: between September and December – “God’s creation”, “the sign of the cross”, “Advent” – between January and the end of May/June we generally help them discover a couple of stories of the Bible and also “the Angels”, the prayers of the “Our Father” and the “Hail Mary” and the “Glory Be, “Water and baptism”. We would like to involve you the parents. In this way what is done on a Sunday morning will be re-emphasized – the learning of the children will be deepened and their communication improved. We wish to show the children that going to church can not only be fun, but also a sharing of projects and a meeting with friends. The topics raised are connected to their every-day lives. We try to match creative activities with these topics.

Bringing very young children up in the ways of Christ is not about preparing for catechism or for First Communion. It is about laying the foundations for their whole life, so that they begin to find heaven on earth by living God’s everlasting truths. The innocent soul of our little ones sees a broader horizon. We must be guided above all by the importance of instilling in the child the idea that “God loves me”. All that we say and do should strengthen this conviction.”